A smart link for your app

Share only one smart link with your users. When clicked, the link instantly detects the device used and users are automatically redirected to the relevant platform.

Create a smart link

A powerful tool

Multi store compliance

Whatever their devices, your users will always be redirected to the relevant app store. Compatible with Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store.

Lightning-fast setup

It takes only 2 minutes to fully setup your first smart link. Once created, AppLinks are active forever. They can be easily modified or enrich with a new platform.

Ever Lasting

Create an account and get unlimited links, clicks and usage for free. Access to reports on your links and number of clicks is also provided through your account.

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You are one click away from creating a smart link!

Get started

How does it work?


Choose your smart link

Enter the name of your application and choose your smart link.


Select your platforms

Copy paste the links of your apps on the different app stores.


Share the smart link

By clicking, users will automatically be redirected to the relevant app store.