We wanted to inform you that Applink will be deactivated at the end of October 2020.
Rather unique at its birth, this device based redirection service is now quite common. You will now find free alternatives such as Branch or Firebase.
If you liked Applink, and think we can help you build your best future self, please contact us.
Thank you for using this service that we have enjoyed crafting and making available to everyone, and we wish you all the best for your journey on the Internet.


    What does AppLink do?

    AppLink provides you with an unique link capable of detecting the platform (iPhone, Android...) it is clicked from and redirecting user to the right app store. The link is extremly customizable to perfectly fit your needs.

    My app is available on Android but not on iPhone, what will happen for iPhone users?

    If you don't set up any special redirection for iPhone, iPhone users will be redirected to the default settings for mobile users. For example they will be led to your mobile website.

    Note: We used iPhone and Android as an example here but of course this is valid for any other platform.

    My app is available on iPhone, what will happen for iPad users?

    That's totally up to you! If not configured iPad will use iPhone redirection but you can set up special redirections for iPad users.

    Is my link public?

    Your link is not public until you share it.

    How long is my link valid?

    Your link is valid until you delete it or change it. See "Can I change my unique link?"

    How much does it cost?

    AppLink is completely free of charge.